Dell Pan Tunggal – Sakurai Visit Dell Pan

On 21 October 2011 Dell Pan Tunggal Welcomes Mr.Tanaka from Sakurai Oliver Japan to visit our office. Mr.Tanaka visit is to view Dell Pan Tunggal head office that located at: Komplek Ruko Modern, Blok CR no: 25-27, Jalan Raya Jendral Sudirman Cipondoh Tangerang.


As the meet and grief goes on Mr.Tanaka quoted that Sakurai and Dell Pan Tunggal sharing the same vision and mission. Understanding the needs of offset printing machines in Indonesia Mr.Tanaka and Mr.Adi also sharing the same goals to give more customer satisfaction with high quality offset machines.

Sakurai offset machines is well known for the image of OLIVER offset machines and that brand image have a strong offset market in Indonesia.With High quality, reliability and precisions Oliver images is well known in Indonesia. As early as next year 2012 Sakurai products line up will be available at Dell Pan Tunggal.

We are looking forward to see Sakurai for the next exhibitions 2012 in Indonesia. Through strong business relationships and we believes that Sakurai and Dell Pan Tunggal can give the most customer satisfactions in Indonesia and the worlds.

Best regards from Us Dell Pan Tunggal, and Success is in your path.

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