Dell Pan Tunggal – Welcomes DUPLO Delegate

Dell Pan Tunggal once again expanding their printing business relations with our new International Principle DUPLO Japan. Looking the demand of Digital Printing market and office finishing products therefore DUPLO will fit the demand needs for Indonesian market.

30 March 2011 Duplo delegates Chariman: Mr.Koichi Sato, Director:Hideki Hashiguchi, Sales and Development director: Mr.Kiyoto Akaishizawa, and International Sales Division: Mr.Akio Kaneko, come visited Dell Pan Tunggal.


Dell Pan Tunggal and Duplo share the same business views and aims to promote more DUPLO products in south east Asian country including Indonesia. Mr.Adhi Dharma and Mr.Akio Kaneko as well as Mr.Koichi Sato, have meet in last 10-15 years in printing business.


DUPLO has a good quality high end printing product and quality that suite Indonesian market, as the products is varies to printing needs . Collating, book binding, digital duplicator are the most welcome products in Indonesia, as we know that 23 Million people live in Indonesia means that education needs for printing in Indonesia is huge and potential. There are more than 20 million school is established across Indonesia with different study criteria every years means a good business for printing Industry.


After more than 4 hour meeting full with informative, motivate, aims, and visions we believes that DUPLO and Dell Pan Tunggal share the same goals work ethics and challenge for the future printing business.

Dell Pan Tunggal like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to all Duplo Delegates that Visit us (Mr.Hideki Hashiguchi, Mr.Koichi Sato, Mr.Kiyoto Akaishizawa, and Mr.Akio Kaneko), it’s an honor to meet all Duplo delegates.

Best regards, and Great Success for Dell Pan Tunggal and DUPLO Japan.

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